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Tales From A Twin Mom: Potty Training Thoughts Every Parent Has!

Tales From A Twin Mom:
Potty Training Thoughts Every Parent Has!


As parents there is one thing that is unavoidable. Yes, you guessed it- potty training. Potty training a child will make anyone just about lose it. Sure, you’ve heard of those children that “get it” within days. Unfortunately your child is not one of them. You probably bought the instructional videos, the singing potty, the potty chart and maybe even decided to bribe them with stickers or candy. We have all, at one point, begged a child to put something in that potty. Who knew that rooting for a bodily function from a little human would be in your future? You’re not alone. Check out the list of thoughts that every potty training parent has experienced. Yeah, I get it. I’ve been there four times.

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Although it might seem this way, I assure you- this will not be the case.


Oh the excitement of being a parent! The good news is that you have a 50/50 chance!


Who knows, and at this point- who cares? Keep at it! They will get it!


It just doesn’t. She has more interesting things to think about- like how she is going to shove her grilled cheese sandwich into your new DVD player!


Videos? CD’s? Self help books?? Is there a potty training boot camp she can attend!?


You waited all winter because everyone said that it’s easier to do it during the warmer months.. Easier than what?? At this point it would be easier to teach the cat how to go in the toilet and flush!


How is it even possible that there is still pee in there- you ask? There just is. There ALWAYS is.


Nope. Not early at all. Just make sure she doesn’t see you- she might get thirsty too and remember, what ever liquid goes in, must come out!


You finally did it. It’s been three days since he last wet himself so you decided to call everyone to brag. Little did you know that the moment you hung up that phone he would decide that potty training was just not for him. Wine anyone?

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Have you potty trained your kiddos yet? What thoughts would you add to this list?

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