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Monday Motivation:
3 Things I Learned From My Digital Diet
And Why You Need One Too!


About this time last week, I did something that I have never done before. It’s something I haven’t done since I started Good Enough Mother a decade ago but it is something I will definitely do again.

I went on a “digital diet”.

A digital diet Rene? What’s that?”

It was a day for me to unplug so that I could totally and completely recharge.

I remember hearing people say they did things like that every so often. My response? Why? Oh I could NEVER do that!

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A few days ago I needed to drive south to meet with a client. I decided to take a few extra days so I could take a little time off.

A friend asked suggested that I turn everything off. No social media, no writing, no posting, no nothing. As I said I have never done this, at least not voluntarily. I did it once


But the more I thought about it the better it sounded.

So I ran around the day before, picked up a jigsaw puzzle, a good book, some libation and got ready to shut it all off.

I posted this message the night before I headed to the dark side of the moon.

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And then.. at 12:00 am on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016, I disconnected. I left the phone on in the event of emergency but I shut off all the notifications that are usually on.

No Facebook.

No Instagram.

No Twitter.

No Snapchat.

Zero notifications. Zero stress.

Truth be told, there was a moment, I almost caved. I got up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break. I thought, “Let me just Facebook before I lie down again..”

I did not. The simple fact that I thought I needed to check Facebook or Instagram at 2 am underscores the absurdity of being plugged in all hours of the day. And night.

I learned 3 big things that day.

  1. I can have fun without sharing it immediately.
  2. My phone battery lasted a LONG time!
  3. I wasn’t sucked dry. By that I mean I was able to rediscover my creativity, something that seems to be the first thing to go when I’m on the hamster wheel of busy.

Long story short, I needed it. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. And I will do it again. Not because I want to; because I NEED to.

My advice to you in just my short time on my digital diet is this: if you feel like you’re running around, all frayed and fried, please, please PLEASE take a moment. Or a day. Build a puzzle or ride a bike. Read a book or have a glass of wine by the ocean. You see what I’m saying here?


Happy Monday all!

Have you ever gone on a “digital diet”? What did you learn about yourself?

Oh and here are some photos from my unplugged day. Please note: I did not feel the need to share them as they happened.. and life went on 🙂


Bike Ride

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Sort of. The bikes had been exposed to the ocean air for too long. So the chains were rusted, along with flat tires. What do you do when there is no WD-40?