photodune-6309527-offline-xsGood Enough Mother:
Offline For Just One Day..


Sooooo I’ve been keeping something from you.

I need a break.

Honestly I have felt like I was at my breaking point for a long time. I never said anything about it because I’m supposed to have it all together.

I didn’t.

And I don’t.

There is a literal metric ton of shit going on in my life.. just like in your life.

But I never take a break.

Well, I decided that day has come.

I am taking an entire day OFF from work.

No social media.

No blog posts.

No answering emails (unless they are emergencies).

I’m excited..

I bought a book that I plan to start reading. I am going to go on a bike ride. I am going to eat cake by the ocean. I am going to build a jigsaw puzzle. I am going to nap in the middle of the day.

I’m also a bit scared.

What will I do without Instagam? Facebook? Twitter? What about the work I need to do?

Honestly, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will all be there when I get back… as will the work I have yet to do.

Bottom line.. if you need me, look for me on FRIDAY.. because Thursday, I am taking just one day…

For me.

Ciao for now!