Top Talker: Padded Bras
For Kindergartners?

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Another day, another parenting controversy and this one has some panties in a bunch!

A piece in  details one mom’s ire when she came across a bra display in the girl’s section (for ages 4-6x) at a department store. Here is the piece.



The company says this: “The Maidenform bras developed for girls are not meant to ‘enhance’ a girl’s figure,” the company wrote. “The ‘padding’ is thin stretch foam and is designed to provide modesty over figure enhancement.”

My opinion? I am totally against hyper-sexualizing your girls but get a grip! The bras that I saw in the video were not anything close to push-up bras! Those look exactly like the bras I bought my daughter when she first needed a little something and the kind my mom bought me. I agree with the company in that the bit padding is material meant more for modesty than anything else. The only difference between what my mom bought me and these is the fun colors that look like they’re designed to make girls feel good, not sexy. And with the average onset of puberty at 10 1/2 years old, these offerings seem fun.. more t-shirt than push up that look like they could be just what young girls need as they navigate the next stage of their lives.

Okay your turn.. what say you? Are these “padded bras”? Are they too sexy?  Would you buy one for your young daughter?

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