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Our Story Begins: Perception vs Reality


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Our Story Begins:
Perception vs Reality

I have nearly inundated you over the last few weeks about my pursuing the dream of recording a solo record.  Now . . . don’t get me wrong, the actual record isn’t finished, we’re still in the process of rehearsing, recording, and then the work of marketing, selling, and all-out begging for single and album sales hits.

I’ve already pushed the single sales with the first song we released.  (I’d love to know what you think, by the way, you can buy the song for just 99 cents on iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc.)

One of my friends from the days I worked for a network-owned station posted “I love when friends and work acquaintances make the leap to stardom…”  How I wish that was true, that somehow in the seven or so days that enough downloads happened to pay for college tuition and rent and God knows whatever is wrong with my old SUV with 120,000 miles on it.

However, lest my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activity over the last week or so deceive you, the reality of what my life is like seems to be far different than what pictures and marketing might tell you.


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Let’s just take the couple days before I released that song.

Wednesday, the 2oth of April, 2016:
I attempt to shoot and edit a lyric video for my release the following day.  Having no full camera crew I press my children into service to help shoot.  The majority of video is unusable as my daughter spends the majority of the time swatting at bugs that were “bugging” her and the camera jerks left…then right…then down.
One kid has their friend come over because, you know, why not? This leads to the other two talking over each other as I try to edit.  I have three lunches to make, dishes to clean up, and laundry that is both in need of washing and some in need of folding.  None of that is doing itself.

Thursday, the 21st of April, 2016:
I am using the lidocaine-laced aloe lotion on the two children who helped with the video this morning because, you know, bugs.  Mosquitos, they say.  Ironically, I’m the only one without bites.
My son informs me that tomorrow (the day my song is released) he is going on his school field trip to Six Flags and I need to give him $65 for the trip and money for other essentials and things.
One kid snuck their friend over yesterday without asking while I was at work.  I have to ground them amidst much argument.
I drop the kids off and realize I have to completely re-edit the video I was making because amidst all the noise and shouting and grounding the stuff I edited last night looks like s***.  Middle child asks to go on a date…which is contingent on their grades being fixed through re-takes and homework.  Assured they are.

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Friday, the 22nd of April, 2016; Release day:
The child who went on a date last night informed me that, even though they turned in the work, the, “teacher was a jerk and left me .5% below a ‘C’ and he shouldn’t have.”  This while I’m trying to market, post on social media, make the YouTube video live and create traffic for my Facebook page.  After this child’s 3rd attempt at getting me to side with them against the teacher I inform them that they played me in order to go on the date.  They, in turn, are grounded . . . again . . . and need to find a way to get a passing grade.  I slather more  aloe/lidocaine on the two children, and make sure that they have lunches, dinner is in the crock pot, and I still haven’t hit “public” on the YouTube video.  My one son has to have  bag and money for sundries at the field trip, which I’ve forgotten, so amidst grounding, yelling, and punishing I have to stop at the ATM and get cash.

It isn’t until around 7pm, while having a drink with the woman I’ve been seeing, that I get to enjoy that I’ve released a song.

So you see, life is a juggle…a series of plates on small dowels, spinning in the air.  I spin one, then another and another, going from one to the next trying hard to keep them going.
I have seen a lot of plates fall.  But in the end the song was to prove I could do it as much as trying to sell it.

But then . . . being a parent is always the dominant position we hold, isn’t it?

Has your journey to a dream been similar? How so?


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