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Monday Motivation: 
The Secret To Real Personal Growth? 
It’s THIS!

Hey everyone.. happy Monday!

Last weekend, my bestie and I competed in another Warrior Dash. In case you’re not familiar with those, they are 5K runs with obstacles and mud. Lots and LOTS of mud.


Nicole Sanders of Ladimax Sports and Fitness and me
at Warrior Dash in New England.

Anyway, I’m in the midst of recovering because we have another Warrior Dash coming up this weekend and I need to be ready to go.

Yeah I’m a little crazy.

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After each one of these races, while every fiber in my being is tingly, I seem to be incredibly lucid and introspective and I reflect on what I just accomplished.

I did every, single obstacle of the 13 that were out there, even the ones I didn’t care for.


Because I can. I have been training and I am well-equipped for the challenge.

But why would I do the ones I didn’t like when I could pick and choose?

Because that is not how we grow, personally, professionally or physically.

You won't grow when you're comfortable or (1)

We don’t grow doing the things we already know how to do or are good at; we grow when we are forced to move OUTSIDE those comfort zones. It is only then when www discover out timber.. the stuff we are really made of.

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So right now you may be saying, “Thanks for a lesson in the obvious, Rene.” Yes. It is obvious. Then why do so few people actually DO it?

Because it’s freaking hard. And uncomfortable. And there’s chance we might fail. All of those things make stretching and growing outside of our comfort zone as appealing as a warm bucket of spit.

But if I choose to to do the ones I am good at, well what’s the point? What’s the purpose. For me personally, I do these events to push myself, to try to put up a better time than I did the last time. I am in competition with myself and I want to get better.

If I didn’t want those things, why would I do these races? I like mud as much as the next guy but let’s face it, I’d rather have it smeared on my face by a nice woman in a room that smells like lavender rather than have it under my nails and in every nook and cranny of my body.

I do them because there are still goals and physical challenges I want to accomplish. That means I push myself through the ones I can do easily.. and the ones that challenge me.

Growth is a real thing and it needs to be deliberate. And it won’t happen if we walk around the obstacles that are outside of our comfort zone.

Make it a great Monday!

What is your secret to personal growth? Do you challenge yourself on the hard obstacles or continue doing the ones you know you can?