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Monday Motivation: How A Mindset Of Abundance=Success!

Chose the word ABUNDANCE, crossed out the word SCARCITY

Monday Motivation:
How A Mindset Of Abundance=Success!


Hola all and happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend and are rarin’ to go this week.

I had a chance to spend a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with my oldest child and every moment of it was remarkable. For parents of young kids or teens I would just say this; hang on.. it gets better. It gets GLORIOUS!


Hanging with my first born on Mother’s Day! 


Okay, moving on to today.

I have mentioned before that I am part owner of a women’s fitness facility with a large, online training component called Ladimax Lifestyle. 

One of the things we do with the women immediately, is clean up their diets, which means taking out the stuff that is no good for them and replacing with with a whole bunch of food that is.

Their initial reaction, almost unilaterally is, “WOW! This is a lot of food!” And it is.

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But it’s also food they are not accustomed to eating. Their diets, to this point, have been filled with processed foods full of salt and sugar.

And as we all know, those things taste pretty good.

Having been at this for a while now, I have noticed something; some are more successful at this than others.

So what’s the difference?

It’s all in their mindset.

Chips, soda, candy and cake gave way to egg whites, turkey burgers and sweet potato.

The ones who embrace that change.. who look at it like, “I GET to eat all this” and “I’m never going to be hungry” are ultimately the most successful. The ones who go into it dragging their feet, worried about what they are going to be deprived of, tend not to do as well.

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A mindset of scarcity creates fear. “Where am I going to get my next meal? What will it be? Why can’t I have that?” All of those thoughts are based in fear. Fear of where the food will come from, fear of change, fear of not liking it.

And we also know fear is an awful place from which to do your best work.

The women on the plan who embrace the difference and the change are looking at the abundance of the plan.. what they are going to eat versus what they are going to be deprived of.

The simple act of embracing the change brings excitement and energy; the latter clients were thrilled to try something new. Approaching it that way, with that mindset, absolutely ensures success.

I guess there is something to looking at the bright side!

How about you? How are you with new experience? Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

Now go forth and make it a terrific Monday!







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