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Live, Love, Blend: Do You Feel Special?


Live, Love, Blend:
Do You Feel Special?


Mother’s Day has come and gone and Father’s Day is right around the corner, which makes me wonder… do these “special” days make you feel special?


I find them stressful. For me, Mother’s Day starts a couple weeks beforehand when I realize that it’s time to buy cards for my mother and step-mother as well as for my husband’s mother and step-mother. That rolls into the gift or no gift dilemma depending on our current financial situation (my husband recently lost his job so I figured that gives us a pass for this year).

Then there’s the planning of the actual day. Will we go visit one of our mothers? Is my family planning a surprise outing for me? Since I tend to be the planner, should I go ahead and plan one for myself? Would anyone mind if I ditched the family completely for the day and drank wine with my girlfriends?

Here’s the problem I face with a day focused on my role as a mother. It makes me feel inadequate. Being a blendie-mom is really hard.  The house is a mess.  The kids don’t appreciate how hard I work for them. My marriage isn’t picture perfect.  I’m not always sure how the bills will get paid.  The exes don’t agree with the way I mother their children.  Some days I’m too harsh, other days I’m too lenient.  And just when I think I’ve got it figured out, something changes.

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I know, I know… no one is perfect. Mother’s Day just makes me feel like I’m under the microscope. Do you ever feel that way? Confession time: I usually skip church on Mother’s Day because I find all the perkiness annoying. And if someone knows we have 5 kids it’s even worse, as if the more kids you are raising, the more special the day is supposed to be.




How about this? Why don’t we just celebrate each other every day? Today is Mother/Father/Kid/Neighbor/Co-worker/Friend/Boss/Teacher/Pet DAY! Whatever! Just know that no matter the title of the day, You Are Enough. You are loved and important every day, even by our teenagers who refuse to admit it.

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Now get out there and celebrate YOU!

What about you? Do you feel special?

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