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JetBlue Will Make You WANT To Fly With Babies! (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.20.19 AMJetBlue Will Make You
WANT To Fly With Babies!



Okay let’s be honest for a moment. How do you react when someone gets on a plane carrying baby? You roll your eyes? Sigh deeply? Pray they don’t sit next to you?

You can admit it.. I’m a mom and I’ve done it too.

Well JetBlue is doing something really AWESOME!

Just in time for Mother’s Day , JetBlue is trying to reframe the way we think about babies in the air.

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They are unveiling a new campaign called FlyBabies and it’s pretty freaking awesome!

Check out the video.


So basically every time a baby cries, passengers on the plane get 25% off their next flight! If 4 babies cry during the duration of a flight, a free ticket!

Whoa.. WHAT?

Being a parent is stressful enough without having to worry that you are about to become the most unpopular person on a plane because of your bundle of joy.

JetBlue just turned you and your kid into one of the besr!

Nice going JetBlue!


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