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GEM Recommends: The Lady Patch.. What IS The Lady Patch?

Untitled designGEM Recommends:
The Lady Patch..
What IS The Lady Patch? 

Hey you guys.. you know by now I am all about keeping it real.. 150%! So I am teaming up with the folks at Lady Patch™  to talk about something that isn’t really talked about much at all, bladder leakage, which, as a women in her 50’s, is something I am well aware of.


      Me and my bestie competing in The Warrior Dash


I lead an active lifestyle, as many of you know and the fact that my muscles don’t stop me by my bladder does, is something that stresses me out to no end.

Managing my weak bladder (well actually the fallout) is something I spend FAR too much time doing.

It’s a pain. And frankly a little embarrassing.

Laughing can produce an uncomfortable side effect and don’t let me have a cold!

I have tried various ways to manage my weak bladder but none was easy or very effective. Carrying around an extra change of clothes works. Until the next sneeze. Or laugh.

So when the folks at Lady Patch™  asked me to give this a try, I thought why not?

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.27.46 PM

Lady Patch™ small and discreet

Before I go on let me explain; I have tried everything short of surgery and have even looked into that, but decided not to go that route, at least for now, given the amount of down time I would need.

I had not gone with adult diapers (I just can’t..) but I had tried pads (especially when I had a cough.. UGH). The only thing that resulted in was an increase of bladder infections.

I know.. TMI.

Long story short, I was miserable.

I am 53-years-old but I’m a YOUNG 53. I’m just getting started on the second half of my life. The half without kids. The half that makes me feel strong and vibrant.. young and yes, sexy.

Yeah I said it.

I work hard to keep my body in shape and I don’t need to be sidelined by a bladder that won’t cooperate with my agenda.

 Lady Patch™  works like this (stand by while I get technical..): The clitoris is not just for sexual pleasure.. there’s functionality to it too as “it’s also the powerhouse behind the nerves throughout the whole pelvic floor.”

“When the Lady Patch™ is applied to the clitoris, it stimulates the nerves throughout your pelvic region causing the bladder to relax while strengthening pelvic muscles at the same time.

Basically, it’s working like a kegel to enhance the muscle tone of your pelvis. This provides more bladder control which means less leaking and fewer urges to go.” 

While the urge to go has never really been my issue I did notice fewer leaking incidents as a result of Lady Patch™ . 

I used on average 5 of the patches a day and got better at applying them the more I used them.

And.. I am a fan!

Do you, just like makers of Lady Patch™ “believe in life beyond the bathroom” ? Wanna give it a try? You can purchase Lady Patch™ here and try it yourself. Let me know your thoughts!


(Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lady Patch, who I must give a shout out to for  helping to come up with a solution to problem that plagues so many of us. All opinions are my own)

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