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The Doctor Is In: 5 Tips For Raising Kids With Food Allergies

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The Doctor Is In:
5 Tips For Raising Kids
With Food Allergies


This topic is especially close to me because I was a kid with several severe food allergies. I was diagnosed at two months old with allergies to all of the common allergens, dairy, nuts, chocolate, seafood and more. I believe my mother did a great job raising me with these allergies because I have lived in 3 different countries, I obviously ate and I am alive. I did have a few scares and though in frequent (I can count the number on one hand), they left an indelible mark on me. So this post is for parents; here are 5 tips to help you to navigate food allergies with your child.


5. Turn Cooking With Kids Into A Learning Experience

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The most important thing is for your child to feel safe. If you let them cook with you, they will learn about cooking and food. Cooking will allow them to learn to make dishes that they can eat and will also help make healthy choices for themselves and the family. Kids with allergies don't want to feel different. They want to feel just like all the other children. It is important that you treat them the same. My parents ate the foods I could not eat. They taught me about cross contamination so I would know when I ate outside of the home. They did not store the foods I was allergic to in a separate place in the pantry or refrigerator, I just knew I could not eat those foods.

If you have any questions about allergies or want more information about heart health, please visit me at Ask Dr. Reneé.

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