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Top Talker: Are There Any Video Games That Are Designed For Moms?

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.32.27 PMTop Talker: Are There Any Video Games
That Are Designed For Moms?

Video games are great ways to take a load off and relax, but are there games specifically designed for hardworking moms? The answer to that question is … not quite but there are some that can be enjoyed by moms to destress.

Let’s start with one to blow off some steam, the Left 4 Dead game is one you won’t want to play around the kids. This zombie stomping game will have you taking a little time to yourself to blast through the stress of the day. Exasperated with the school run or tired of co-workers? Take this zombie game out for a spin and watch the tension vanish as you complete objectives and save the world.

Bingo games are good for the brain and if you want to try to remember all the tasks in your day then get playing them. They’re linked to healthy minds and you can even play them online on sites like There’s nothing more exhilarating than winning a jackpot and a higher proportion of players are female, so the chances are you’ll have other moms to chat with. If you’re missing nights out with the girls while you stay at home with the kids then this can be an excellent way to stay social.

A lot of RPGs allow players to create a character that accurately reflects their appearance and this makes them much more immersive. Games like Mass Effect might take you out of your comfort zone but the fact that you can make a female hero that looks like you can get you into them much faster. Then, before you know it, the story elements of the game will keep you on track to complete it. Many RPGs also come with beginner modes that don’t patronise but do make it easier to stay motivated to complete the story, even after a long day of chasing toddlers.

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Part of being a mom is always being on the move – especially if you’re a single mother – so mobile games can be much more accessible than console based ones. Candy Crush is one of the biggest mobile games out there and it can even be played for free, if you choose to stay away from microtransactions. This fiendish puzzle game is a big hit with players around the world and this sugary treat is lots of fun. Beware though, not succeeding on levels and having to wait to retry might not destress you as much as you would think!

One of the most unlikely names you would think of linking with video games for moms is Kanye West. He wants to create a game that would show his mother’s journey through heaven, which is kind of sweet. She passed away due to complications that arose from plastic surgery and he says that he knows she is in heaven. Stay tuned to find out if anything more comes from this.


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The main thing to remember when trying out video games is that you’re still a person, not only a mom. The game charts are filled with creations that are enjoyed the world over by people of different races, nationalities or lifestyles. The chances are, if someone else is gripped by a game then you could be too if you give it a shot. Here are the top video games of 2015 that were a smash hit with many players:

·       The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

·       Rise of the Tomb Raider

·       Splatoon

·       Arkham Knight

·       Fallout 4

While these games are typically sold to men, there’s no reason not to spend some time testing a new hobby. They all have excellent plots, so if you enjoy relaxing with a good book or a movie you’ll like these stories too. We recommend Rise of the Tomb Raider highly, as Lara Croft shows that you can be a strong female role model, if only she had a baby too.


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