12891718_1687946638126912_1483155772589739136_o-2Monday Motivation:
Just Make The Decision, Will Ya?


Hey everyone.. happy Monday!

I have some super exciting news to share with you. We’re adding more content to the Good Enough Mother empire!

I have joined forces with Ready, Set Productions to produce a video series that will bring all the things we talk about here, to LIFE!

I was in Philadelphia recently shooting.. here is a bit of #BTS (Behind The Scenes) action!



As is often the case in my life, when I am interviewing someone, they always seem to say something that hits me right between the eyes. In this case it was Gloria Mayfield Banks.

Gloria is a petite but powerhouse of a woman. Author, international speaker, executive with Mary Kay Cosmetics, she has built a brand on mindful positivity.

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We connected instantly which made it really easy to interview her.

It was one of those moments when you’re sitting across from someone and thinking, “Would it be weird if I just asked them to be my best friend? Like right now?”

During the wide ranging series of interviews which you will be able to see on my YouTube channel, Gloria said something that stuck with me because I believe it; I have seen it in my own life.

“Just make the decision, will ya?”

Dr. Banks said that once the decision, whatever it is, is made, then it becomes procedural. You know where you are going; it’s now just a matter of figuring out how to get there.



Do you get it?

The decision-making process is where people get stuck.

It is the paralysis of analysis.

They ask, “What if I make the wrong decision? How can I come back from that? What if? What If? What If?

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But here’s the thing and it’s something Dr. Banks and I were in violent agreement about it. There is no “wrong decision”. You make it and it either works of it doesn’t. If it doesn’t you course correct. And you learn.

Just make the decision, will ya?

How about you? Are you paralyzed by the decision-making process? Do you agonize too long, wasting valuable time? Or are you able to make the decision and then go about the business of living?

Leave your comment here. And stay tuned! We’ll tell you more on the Good Enough Mother series as we get closer to our debut!

Make it a great day!