In Case You Missed It:
Friday Roundup

Happy Friday, GEM readers! We hope all of you enjoyed your week and that you’re ready for the weekend! We are!

Do you guys see where it says ‘Question for Rene‘ at the top of this page? See it up there? Alright now. For those of you who follow Rene on Facebook, you know she gives it to you like it is. If you’re not on Facebook (or even if you are) and you have a question in mind that you’d like Rene’s advice on – send it in! Whatever the topic, Rene would love to hear from you to offer her trademark smart and sassy advice. In fact, last week we ran an oldie but goodie, “Stability Or Smokin’ Sex? Which Is The Better Option?” – again, difficult questions are the specialty!


Speaking of difficulties, I cannot believe it’s been five years since Dave lost his beautiful wife. When I first started here at GEM, it had only been three year and the stories are SO different now – from family vacations to the day-to-day stuff. This week, he wrote a poignant piece about love, loss… and living – check out Our Story Begins: It’s Been 5 Years Since We Lost Her.. What We Learned About Grief.

Tree of Life

If you’ve got a vacation-loving family and you’re a Disney fan, you’ll want to read last month’s edition of Pixie Dust Central. At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some fabulous offering kicking off this Spring that are shaping up to be some of the most popular to-dos I’ve ever seen! Take a look at Pixie Dust Central: Calling All Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park Fans! for the latest.

And, back to real life here – I can always count on Rene to get me back on track from whatever Pixie Dusted things I had going on over the weekend. In this week’s edition of Monday Motivation, she explained why we should be Playing Life Like A Game Of Chess, Not Checkers. The whole difference is in the strategies you use. If you need some perspective, (don’t we all?) here it is!

Job Interview Preparation As a Career

One ‘real life’ topic that made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand on end was that of some different interview tactics. Now, it wasn’t the tactics themselves that made me twitch a bit, it was the reactions to these tactics that lots of folks on a discussion board I frequent were arguing about. I happen to have two teenagers and I’ve been working feverishly with them to teach the ‘common’ sense stuff that they just don’t teach in school these days. Check out The GEM Debate: Do You Think This Interview Tactic Is Too Much? to see what the fuss is all about and weigh in with your opinions on it!

On the topic of teenagers, they’re sometimes not-so-easy to figure out. If you’ve got them, you know exactly what I mean. Andi, our author of Live, Love, Blend, wrote a piece this month asking Which is More Important, Roots or Wings? that really hits home for me. Like her, I’ve got two teenagers too; one with the roots and the other with wings! It’s a tough balance sometimes.

Hope you enjoyed the roundup, folks! Have a great weekend!