12832342_10208797797243291_2954250245408549630_nMonday Motivation:
Why This Has To Be For You, Mom!


Hey all! Happy Monday!

I’m just back from a 10-day health and fitness retreat that I conducted with my business partner Nicole Sanders of Ladimax Sports and Fitness. In a nutshell (and I will share more down the line), we took eleven women and ran them through their paces. We taught them to eat the way we do (good clean food that we call Muscle Menu) and trained with them, pushing them in ways they didn’t think they could be pushed.

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Needless to say there was a lot of blood, sweat, tears (and ice) this weekend as we shattered the walls of our comfort zones.

In one conversation I had with my niece, (who had some incredible breakthroughs of her own this weekend) we talked about the future. Not just any future; HER future.

IMG_9773Wendy Syler Woodward,
challenging and changing one step at a time.

You see she has two teen boys; one has already graduated from high school, the other is on his way. Soon they will be out the door and the intense part of parenting will be solidly behind her.

So I asked her a question and judging by the time it took her to answer, it was one she hadn’t really thought of.

What happens then?

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Listen, I get it; we spend 18 years (or more) taking care of everyone else, especially those who depend on us and sometimes we get lost in that.

But we need to think about our future; what happens to us when the kids are gone? What happens when we don’t need to cook every meal for them? When they don’t need us to plan out the week or drive them from point A to point B? Will we be a dried up shell of our former selves or will we be strong enough to lay out a future that puts us at the center?

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One of the women who came to our Ladimax Lifestyle Retreat House summed it up perfectly.

I asked her what she was thinking when she came to the house. She said, and I quote, “I just don’t want to be disappointed in me.”

Unlike Wendy, this woman has grown children and a grandchild too. She is actively pursuing the next phase of her life. Pushing her boundaries was not about making anyone else proud. It was about making HER proud of herself.

So for today’s Monday Motivation I ask a simple question; what are you doing to make yourself proud of YOU?

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Make it a great day everyone!