photodune-6198519-chess-checkers-xsMonday Motivation:
Play Life Like A Game Of Chess,
Not Checkers


Hey everyone.. Happy Monday!

I am always astounded when I see people treat life like a game of checkers rather than chess.

You know what I mean by that, right?

Checkers is a fairly simple game. It involves a degree of skill but for the most part, players are thinking about the moves right in front of them.

Chess, on the other had, is a game strategy. Your current move impacts the outcome of the game, maybe not right away, but at some point.

Just like life, right?

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I was thinking about this as the last couple of weeks I have watched people let their emotions get the best of them and make rash decisions as a result.

They did not have the best outcomes either. Why?

Because they played checkers, not chess.

Why, in the game of life why do we need to play chess instead of checkers? I’ll give you 3 reasons.

1. Good Chess Players Look At The Big Picture: Smart chess players know they need to map out a strategy but in order to do so, they need to know exactly what they are dealing with. And it’s not something they do once; they are always taking stock of the board, watching for changes and potential for big moves.. but also where they could lose ground.

2. Good Chess Players Keep Their Cool: Smart chess players have a calm nature about them, which helps them be successful. They don’t move quickly or make rash decisions; they instinctively understand that losing their cool is detrimental to their long-term success.

3. Good Chess Players Anticipate! Smart chess players anticipate what is going to happen. They are not just playing their game, they are thinking about their opponent’s game too. They understand the interconnected nature of the game and are not making moves with the very next turn in mind.

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So as you go about your day, making moves in your personal and professional life, remember to play like a game of chess. Survey, stay calm then make your move. Then watch your chances of success improve!

Make it a great Monday!