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Monday Motivation: Why BUYING Your Social Following Is A Bad Idea

There are no shortcuts in life. Stop

 Monday Motivation:
Why BUYING Your Social Following Is A Bad Idea 


Hey all. happy Monday!

Hope you had a restful weekend and are ready to tackle the work week!

Many of you know I spend a lot of time in social media.. but prior to that, was a traditional broadcaster. In broadcasting, it’s all about the numbers; how many people watch you, how many like you and so on.

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At any rate, I have spent the last decade building into the brand that it is. It has been pleasant, stressful, arduous at times.

There were no shortcuts.

I spent hours on end in my walk-in closet, creating content that would speak to my audience. I took the time to learn what they wanted. I reached out to brands. I evolved as a content creator and put work into my social media channels.

Now, a decade later, brands come to me wanting to partner on projects. Why? Because I have an authentic following that was built, not bought. Of course that doesn’t stop people on Instagram or other social channels from doing just that.

Here’s why that doesn’t work.

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  1. YOUR COMMUNITY IS NOT IN KEEPING WITH YOUR BRAND: Many of these bought followers either have dummy accounts or accounts with next to no activity on them. And the activity they do have, is not in keeping with your forte. For example, if you are a personal trainer and you buy a bunch of followers, many of those might not have any interest in physical fitness. Their Instagram accounts might be full of pictures of their kids and puppies, their high calorie meals and decadent habits. If you are a personal trainer, it doesn’t make sense to have those pictures clogging up your feed, even if it does give you followers.
  2. NOT IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE NUMBERS: The idea behind having a sizable social following is that it is authentic. They listen to you and, many times, are spurred to action by what you say/post. That is because they have similar goals. Many times these accounts  belong to people who are doing like for like.. with no real exchange of ideas or information. Because of that, they ultimately weaken your brand.
  3. BUILDING SOMETHING THAT LASTS TAKES TIME: I have been working with Nicole Sanders of Ladimax Sports and Fitness for almost two years now and I can see why she has the social following she does. Nicole has built something over two decades; she has success and a track record. When she speaks/tweets/posts knowledge and information, it’s not something she learned only from a book; there is real world data gathered over the course of 20 plus years. That’s why people are drawn to her and why she doesn’t need to buy followers.

Here’s the part I didn’t get; collecting fake people and profiles takes time and at the end of the day you don’t have anything to show for it. Wouldn’t it make more sense to take that same energy and put it into developing a real brand with real followers?


Yes it would.

The moral of the story is this: there are no shortcuts in life. Just put your head down and do the work.

Have you ever taken the time to build something from scratch? How did it make you feel?

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