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Monday Motivation:
Who Is Stealing Your Energy?


Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

This week I will be celebrating my birthday.. the beginning of my 53rd year on this planet.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about energy.. how much I have (or don’t have) and where I spend it. Thinking about that prompted an epiphany of sorts.

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You see, I learned long ago that people are either a net positive or a net negative in our lives. The ones who are net positives, by that I mean you get as much as you give, are obviously the ones we need more of and the relationships we need to nurture.

Then there are those that are the opposite. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? We all have them, people who need to be fenced off and ultimately cut off.

I had an epiphany recently while reading a book I got for Christmas. Your Illustrated Guide To Becoming One With The Universe is a cute little tome, light on text but long on illustrations and means.  It made me readjust my thinking and instead of viewing those counterproductive relationships and people as a net negative I began thinking of them as energy theft.

I mean think about it: If energy was money, all of us would probably be much more guarded with it. But I hate to admit I spend way too much time trying to make things work.. relationships that have long run their course, I hang on to because I think they will get better.

They seldom do.

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As an entrepreneur, I need to make every dealing, every relationship count. My margins are razor thin so each dealing needs to matter. If they do not, they detract and distract from other, potentially lucrative ventures. It’s this simple: energy is a fixed commodity, spending it in places and on relationships that are counterproductive impacts my bottom line.

Now that might not show up immediately, but it will eventually.

So for this Monday Motivation, ask yourself.. who are you allowing to steal your energy? And WHY?