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4 Tips For The Perfect Fit When
Buying Clothes Online

 Shopping for clothes from a custom clothier or other website online offers you access to great styling at bargain prices. However, the convenience of shopping online also brings along with it the worry since you are buying a clothing product without looking at it first, as it might not fit and you waste your money. Here is the low-down on how to ensure that this never happens to you.

More and more people are finding it convenient to shop for clothes online because it offers them access to a means of improving their personal style and dress better, taking out the stress and shame out of the whole clothes buying process. However, it does come with the stress of possibly having to return an item you bought simply because it does not fit. Although you cannot completely eliminate returns or exchanges, a little planning and smart shopping can help reduce it drastically.

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sartorial meters with classical ideal size


The first and probably the most important thing you should do before considering spending money on buying clothes online is to get your correct measurements. Once you have an idea of your size, beyond large, you will be in a position to shop without fear. However, one company’s size 10 may be another’s size 8. In some cases, designers and labels will use “vanity sizes” to confuse their buyers. One way to fight back is to have your measurements by:

  • Getting a professional to take them for you
  • Know the sister bra sizes
  • Take measurements yourself (or have a friend help you)



Once you have your measurements ready, size charts are your next best companions. You will never have to trust that the “large” label may be “large enough” for you – all you need to do is look your size up in a sizing chart. The sizing chart is absolutely necessary especially when a retailer carries different designers, clothing manufacturers and labels.

If shopping from a custom clothier, you have to review their sizing chart to get a feel of what will and will not fit you. Many companies promise their clients that when they purchase clothes from them, they will fit according to size charts made available on their websites before you pay. If getting the right fit is important, you will need to visit an online store that virtually guarantees the fit of its items with sizing charts that are plain, clear and easily accessible.

Similarly, online shops that carry different brands and designers offer size guarantees accompanied with promises of working with you to find the perfect match whatever you buy (with conditions, of course). However, it is critical that you go through the sizing chart before you purchase your clothes and remember that since they stock from different sources, sizes may vary. Look for a site-wide chart with sizing notes, if available; look at the customer reviews as well.


Once you have had the chance to look over the sizing charts of different online stores, you can start shopping. Grab a notebook or use your note-taking app to write down your retailer’s name, item you purchased, product size and how it fit.

These notes for clothes may at first sound silly to you, but they are really important. When you finally find that style, cut or brand of clothes that work for you, you will be able to find it once again easily. You will also have information on how a specific brand is curt and if it fits you well. Label sizes will not be so important anymore and you will know one company’s size 14 is actually a size twelve that fits you well, while another company may require you to step up to a size 16. Once you have made a couple of purchases, you will have a nice list of cuts, designers and brands that work for you. If you choose to be adventurous, it will not be like taking a shot in the dark, but an educated guess.


Tailor ruler, scissors, thread, pins and fabric4. HAVE A GREAT TAILOR 

When you buy your clothes off the virtual rack, find a seamstress or tailor in your local community willing to carry out alterations and adjustments to clothes. The words seamstress and tailor may conjure up the image of wealthy individuals getting final touch ups on their clothes, but nothing could be further from the truth. You will probably find a tailor in your neighborhood that is more than happy to take on your business. Get slacks and jeans properly hemmed, and dress shirts and dresses fitted to accentuate your figure. The money you spend at the tailor’s is worth the well-fitted, sharp look you will get out of your clothes.

Shopping online requires you to be an educated client if you want the best possible match for your personal style when searching for the best deals online at sites like DailySale. It is a great feeling to purchase something and find it fits perfectly right out of the box. All it takes is a little foresight and prep to get there.

Okay now your turn.. what’s your secret to finding the perfect fit online?