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Good Enough Mother: Brow Beauty.. 3 Tips For Natural-Looking Brows (VIDEO)

ImageGood Enough Mother:
Brow Beauty..
3 Tips For Natural-Looking Brows (VIDEO)


Hey everyone.. let’s talk eyebrows for a second, shall we?

You know how people say the eyes are the widows to the soul? If that’s true then the eyebrows must be the curtains.

Here’s a little secret: I’ve always envied people with big, full brows because I never had them, in part due to genetics and in part by my own hand.

Couple that with the fact that I can never find the right pencil and even if I get close, I’m drawing all over the place and my face.

Something had to be done.

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Recently I had a session with Sabria Celaj, the Eyebrow Guru of Westchester and she taught me a few of her tricks. Celaj, who has studios in Katonah, New York and Manhattan, also shared with me the 3 BIG mistakes people make with their brows, and what parents and young women need to achieve their perfect look.

Take a peek and then tell me, are you happy with your brows? What’s your regimen?

Oh and this was the pencil Sabria used on me–> Paul and Joe Eyebrow Pencil 


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