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10 Tips for Romance


Many already demonstrate their love and affection for their respective loved ones every day by providing for and taking care of them. Many like to demonstrate their love and affection for their respective loved ones with tokens of love. Whatever one decides, ultimately it has to be right for them and the recipient. Some of the most ever-lasting, thoughtful and appreciated gifts, however, are those that have been tailored to the needs of the recipient. That is, discerning what that person deals with on a daily basis in terms of stress, anxiety and other challenges leaving them feeling unappreciated, worn down or even unloved.

Everyone needs some form of validation and acknowledgement of their contributions and efforts. So one of the best experiences a person can receive is the understanding and knowledge that they are loved, cared about, wanted and that they matter. Following this, the giver need not even remotely worry about spending exorbitant amounts of money. They merely need to step back, evaluate the situation to see what is truly important for their loved one and proceed with the simple task of fulfilling just that.

In many cases, the giving of your time can be the ultimate romantic gesture. Your undivided time that is. That, in the long run, will go a long way. Take time to be with your loved one, completely away from work, the rest of the family, financial obligations and chores. Make the day about the two of you. Do what you like, when you like and how you like. Be there, be in the moment, be attentive, listen and discuss topics that are significant together, such as the future and your dreams together as partners.

Remove all interruptions. Arrange for babysitting. Put the computers and mobile devices away and turn off the ringer on the telephone. Disconnect completely, so that the two of you can truly enjoy each other.

That’s being romantic.

These 10 tips will help get you started toward the most memorable and meaningful Valentine’s Day yet.


2. Create a Romantic CD

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Compile a list of your favorite romantic songs and copy them on to a disc. Place that in a nicely decorated jacket sleeve and that will make a lovely, romantic gift. The thought and effort that went behind creating that gift will go a long way.