Single Mom Slice of Change…
Unseen Changes


Let’s recap:

I spent time in the hospital for what started off as an asthma attack gone wrong, realized that because I failed at properly taking care of myself I had damaged my heart, possibly my kidneys, and a massive lifestyle change was in order.

So what changes have I made? Well, not as many as one would have thought. Before the drama I had already started the elimination of cheeses, salt, and fats from my diet. I had already begun a simple exercise regimen.

Really, it has been more of an… appreciation of those changes.

It hasn’t been as hard as I thought to stay on a healthy track, then again, learning to come to grips with a couple of facts in my life has helped. The addict thing is my least favorite, but it helps me understand and prevent certain behaviors. I know that I cannot eat the same thing over and over… that just makes literally EVERYTHING else around me seem undeniably delicious.

Instead, I vary what I eat… sometimes chicken for breakfast, sometimes eggs for dinner. Sometimes spinach as a salad, sometimes wilted and stuffed in a plank of salmon, sometimes mixed in with ground turkey. In any case, it is getting easier and easier to look past the cheesy and salty goodness and look for healthier options. Also, my once life-driving need for red meat has eased. It dawned on me the other day that I went an entire week without red meat… and didn’t miss it. Also, repeating the addict diagnosis over and over in my head seems to be acting like a food filler. Where before I could eat the entire roast, find it difficult to eat a much smaller portion.  I eat what I crave, which seems to prevent the full blown gorging sessions I once had.

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Other changes include some of the best sleep of my life! For the first time in years, I am able to sleep through the night. Before, I was waking up between four and six times a night. I was also ready to fall asleep around 3 p.m. and was finding it harder and harder to wake up before six a.m…. and that was after struggling to get through the day without looking for a place to take a nap. Now, I have more energy than I remember having in a very long time. Lazy Sundays are now driving me insane. I still hate shopping, but feed the need to go to the store just to walk up and down the aisles. I’m hopping out of bed at 5:15 and forcing myself to go to bed at 10.

Ok, maybe hopping out of bed isn’t quite accurate… but I am awake, and up, and moving. By moving, I’m talking about braving the cold, tripping over the dogs, and making my way through the darkness to the exercise bike. For 30 minutes, each morning, I’m on the bike. Some days I use arm weights, some days, I don’t. I won’t lie… there have been a few days I didn’t make it to the bike, and I could tell the difference – big time.  In time the exercises will change, but for right now, it’s working, and it’s more than I was able to do in the past.

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My weight? Well, it’s not dropping rapidly, it’s not melting off, nor is it just disappearing.  Then again, the doctor said it might not.  I’m down a few pounds, but nothing worth bragging over.  A month ago, with all these changes, I would have been pissed about it. But I’m not – I feel a difference even if I don’t see one on the scale – but that’s a different posting. Someone once said that you can’t stop a train on a dime, and I respect that. I didn’t get this way overnight, and the physical differences won’t seen tomorrow… but I sure do feel them today.

I still have tests and a thyroid situation and a doctor’s fear over extra white blood cells… but I’m not half as worried or scared as I once was. But, I am getting better… I just feel it.