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Monday Motivation: Why Working For Yourself Is No Longer An Option

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.09.27 PMMonday Motivation:
Why Working For Yourself
Is No Longer An Option


Hey all! Happy Monday and welcome to the first one of 2016! How’s it feeling so far?

I’ve been following a thread in one of my LinkedIn groups and to say it’s been sobering is an understatement.

The discussion centers on a piece in the New York Times about women over 50, losing their jobs and how difficult it is for them to get back into the workforce. It spurred discussion among my LinkedIn group as well as Facebook pages where it also got a lot of traction. Many commenters told tales about having to take jobs that they were overqualified for but did so because they had been unemployed for months on end without a glimmer of employment.

I read that piece through the goggles of someone who’s been a part of that club for a few years now. But as difficult as those realities are, I didn’t feel the same level of hopelessness I heard in some of the other comments.  I think I know why.

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Years ago when I was fired from my big gig, I had an epiphany. I certainly didn’t know how it was all going to turn out but I remember thinking clearly that I was going to have to work toward a scenario where I controlled more of my own destiny.

I wrote Good Enough Mother and it was published in 2007. But the book was just a part of what I knew needed to happen; I needed to make myself a brand. I needed to build something no one could take away from me.

I needed to work for myself.

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A lot of things I learned through trial and error but even back then, a decade ago, I could see that media and the way we consumed it was changing. I decided to immerse myself in social media and used that to rebuild my career.

And I guess that’s part of what I find most surprising about the comments on the piece and in talking to some of my girlfriends who find themselves in this boat. They are, to an extent, still expecting the world order to be what it was when they were in their previous jobs. And that’s a problem.

Technology has changed things, not just in media but other fields as well. But the change may have streamlined the process, it didn’t take away our skills.

So it just makes sense to take that skill set and put it to use in another way.. working for ourselves.

Of course that is far easier said than done and if you talk to any entrepreneur, they’ll tell you just how hard it is.

But as difficult as it is, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing, while you’re working hard, you will never wake up one day out on your butt because your employer decided to hire someone 20 years younger.

That’s today’s Monday Motivation. Do you agree? Is working for yourself or at least working ON it during your day job, no longer an option?





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