In Case You Missed It:
Friday Roundup


Happy Friday, everyone!

2016 is well underway and we sure hope it’s off to a great start for all of you!

Here’s a quick look at some of great pieces we shared last week.

Organize word on laundry hook

Lots of folks like to really get their homes de-cluttered while they’re putting away their holiday decorations; I do anyway! So this 10 From GEM is super helpful because it contains some great ideas to Purge and Simplify Your Home. Don’t miss it!

Parents are so busy these days with so many things going on. You’d think that with all the technology we have available, things would be a little easier than years ago, but now they’re just faster! Check out Our Story Begins: Single Dad, So Little Time to learn more about how our resident single dad does it all.


Change is hard. Sometimes there are varying levels of ‘hard’ but I think it’s the best word to describe it. One of the hardest changes for me are the ones that others can’t see; the ones that are inside. Sometimes those are the hardest ones of all. Stop by and read Single Mom Slice of Change… Unseen Changes where Wendy shared more about the changes she’s making.

Old typewriter

Speaking of time going by fast and changes, have you ever had a conversation with your child(ren) about ‘the way things used to be’? I sure have and boy, do they make me feel old. Rene has too and she tells more about it in a piece she shared, Good Enough Mother And Mode Media: 7 Ways To Blow Your Kids’ Minds!


If you’re looking for a great read to start off the year, Pam’s Moms Must Read: Life Changing Books for a New Year, New You is the place to start. She’s shared 5 terrific books to get you going!

Hope you enjoyed the roundup and that you all have a great weekend!