In Case You Missed It:
Friday Roundup


Happy Friday, GEM readers!

We’re halfway through the first month of 2016 already – can you believe it? We’ve covered some great topics so far and since we missed the roundup last week, we decided to give you a little overview today.

In the Monday Motivation column, Rene talked about Why Working For Yourself Is No Longer An Option and why we all need to get our own party started in the work department.


She also talked about those times when the universe has a message for us and we don’t always see it – that, my friends, is called an epiphany and It’s Not Always About You!

Some of you may have noticed that our resident single mom, Wendy, has had a few changes since the new year. Her column has graduated from the ‘Slice of Life’ to the ‘Slice of Change’ and if you missed the reasons for the change, you can check out the first piece here. Once you’re all caught up, take a peek at Single Mom Slice of Change: The First 3 Weeks.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a good mask to leave my face feeling brand new. In this month’s edition of GEMs of Beauty, Karen shows us lots of fantastic options. Check out Masked Beauty for all the details!

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The new year always brings in fresh thoughts and hopes for new beginnings with regards to many, many things. In this month’s edition of The Doctor Is In, Dr. Reneé shares 5 Tips To A New You. So, what are you waiting for?

Speaking of clean slates, sometimes folks are so gung-ho at the start of the new year and then the fall off the wagon after a few weeks. Jackie P. has given us 10 ways to make sure that we don’t fall off that wagon in 10 From GEM: Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick – you don’t want to miss this one!

IMG_5886 (1)

Our resident single dad shares another glimpse into his crazy and insanely busy world in his latest edition of Our Story Begins. I think many parents can relate to feeling Certifiable more times than not; certifiably crazy that is!


On the social media front, Wilma shared 3 Social Media Don’ts for Coparents and I think these great ‘Don’t’ are quite suitable for ALL parents! I’m sure you all know how much of a big deal the social media world is. Once it’s out there, it’s not going anywhere, even if you delete it. Check out these big no-nos in this month’s edition of Better, Not Bitter!

And finally, you’re going to love Tales From A Twin Mom: 4 Things Mothers Of Multiples Need To Stop RIGHT NOW! This piece is not only spot-on for parents of multiples, but, if you have more than one child, you will laugh as you read along because it ALL pertains!

Hope you enjoyed the roundup and that you all have a great weekend!