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Good Enough Mother GIRL POWER! 3 Ways Lexus Is Wooing Women!

Untitled designGood Enough Mother GIRL POWER!
3 Ways Lexus Is
Wooing Women! 


WOW! What a way to end out the year!

I had an opportunity recently to travel out west, to Palm Springs to be exact, to take part in an exciting event for Lexus Performance Drive event.

Now I am familiar with the Lexus brand; I drove an RX300 for many years before my little people became bigger people, and I enjoyed that vehicle. It was my first foray into anything other than a minivan and I loved it.

Fast forward several years (and several vehicles) later. My kids are grown; one is gone and the other is on the way. Suffice it to say, it’s time for me to consider what my next car will be. I can say with near 100% certainty, it will not be an SUV or a minivan.. I want something sleek and sporty that represents the next phase of my life so when Heels and Wheels and Lexus invited me to California to try the RC F and the GS F on a track (yes, real, RACE TRACK), I could not possibly refuse!


Shenanigans on board with my travel buddy,
 Scotty Reiss, of

My friend Scotty Reiss of and I headed west for what was sure to be an awesome experience. Not only were we going to peep all the things Lexus is doing.. but we also were going to have a chance to familiarize ourselves with Lexus Performance line, the F Sport  as we drove the cars around the Grand Prix styled Chuckwalla Raceway! More on the track event in a moment..

One of the things I learned on this trip is how much Lexus values its female consumer and to that end, they are working multiple aspects of their operation to make her feel comfortable throughout the entire experience from browsing to buying. Here are the 3 ways Lexus is wooing women.




Have you ever noticed how a showroom smelled? To be honest, I never paid much attention. But that is one of the little details Lexus is tending to. So we all had an opportunity to put several scents to the “sniff test” and give out opinions on how each one made us feel. I tended to like the things that smelled more like, well, the inside of a new car. Makes sense (or scents?) right?


Initially I thought Lexus wear was a brand of clothing that would be offered to the consumer. Hey, I would buy it. But later I learned that it is really for the female sales staff, so they can feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time. I think its a great idea it it means that more women would occupy showroom floors.



Peggy Turner, Lexus V.P. Customer Service 

 And now,  the need for speed. Peggy Turner, V.P of Customer Service, used this term and I fell in love with it. Yes.. we, as women are practical. Yes we carpool. Yes we go from point A to point B but who says that needs to be boring?

The fact is, it doesn’t. And we had a chance to get out on the track to show that it isn’t!

Our group headed out to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway to try our hand on the track behind the wheel of the RC F and the GS F.

First we got some very (VERY) important instruction from the professional drivers, learning about how to handle the turns, when to brake and how to use the track so we go the best results from the vehicle.


We learned how to handle the curves at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. I learned about when to break, how to track


Then it was off to the track.  Of course safety is paramount so we all wore helmets while driving.


It’s hard to tell but I think that’s ME behind the wheel of the GS F!

I drove several times, twice with an instructor and several times by myself. The first time I drove alone I was pretty timid and tentative. I topped the GS F out at 65! Yeah I know. Then I drove with Jeff and this is what he told me when we got to the straightaway, “Put the pedal to the floor and don’t lift it until I say so.”

Wha…. WHAT? Yes, he wanted me to feel the power of the GS F and to also understand that it (and I) had the ability to stop on rather short notice.

So that’s what I did.

The next time I went out I drove without an instructor.. and I floored it.. making it all the way to 99 MPH! WOOT!




All in all it was a terrific time to learn more about Lexus F Sport series and about ME and my absolute love for all things that go very fast!



If you have chance, check out the new things Lexus is doing for female consumers.. and peek at the F Sport series here  and at your local dealer. Ask for a test drive.. but unless you’re in a helmet on a track, stick to the speed limit!

(Disclosure: Lexus paid for my travel and accommodations for this trip. All opinion here are my own.) 

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