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Good Enough Mother And Looks We Love:
Miranda Kerr


As one of the world’s most recognizable models who frequently appears on Forbes Celebrity 100 list, Miranda Kerr has become an icon, inspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts everywhere. We see her everywhere; featured regularly on celebrity style blogs and in magazines. Her jewelry in particular is often noticed as a key part of her outfits. Here are some of her most recent styles and where you can find them for yourself and match her style:

  1. Cartier

As the ‘jewelers to Kings’, Cartier means top quality and beautiful jewelry. Miranda Kerr has been spotted by tabloids and celebrity sites wearing Cartier bracelets, watches, and dresses. Kerr isn’t the only celebrity to regularly sport Cartier jewelry. Just recently, Kylie Jenner was spotted by Stealherstyle.net with a Cartier white gold bracelet from the iconic Love collection. Pre-owned and discounted Cartier earrings, rings, necklaces and other items can be found online from TrueFacet with numerous holiday offers to give an extra bit of glamour to an outfit.

  1. Miranda Kerr Swarovski Line

In July, world leading jewellers Swarovski launched a new jewelry line designed by Miranda Kerr which has already gained a lot of press coverage. The line features necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings, all for less than $300 per item, making them ideal  gifts for the women in your life. The collection mostly uses clear crystals for a shimmering silver effect but the occasional rose gold or red crystals give just the right accent. White with subtle color accents, particularly pink or red, frequently appear in Kerr’s wardrobe. Any women would be happy to unwrap one of these and feel like a star.

  1. Spirituality and Symbolism

The charms adorning Kerr’s collection are all personal and chosen by her for their symbolism – Hearts especially to represent love, snowflakes for diversity, and wings to symbolize freedom.

Most curious of all the pieces from Kerr’s Swarovski collection is the Duo Evil Eye pendant – an eye shaped pendant on a thin chain with blue, black, and clear crystals. The chain features a few blue crystal studs and a single blue teardrop crystal. It is intended to be a personal and mystic piece of jewelry inspired by the teachings of Eastern spiritual leaders to give wearers strength and the blue gems provide calmness and relaxation, which is why it is one of Kerr’s most favourite items from the collection. You can find the pendant online or in Swarovski’s official stores. To match the look, try jewellery inspired by spirituality or symbolism that means something to you. There are plenty of Etsy stores selling handmade spirituality jewelry and they are frequently found in new age and specialty shops, both online and in retail stores.

  1. Vintage Jewelry

Kerr was reported ‘channelling Marilyn Monroe’ with her most recent Halloween costume – the famous white dress worn by Monroe in The Seven Year Itch. Even if you haven’t seen the film, you probably know the image of Marilyn’s skirt being blown upwards by the vent. Looking closely, you can see that Kerr also chose some vintage style stud earrings to complete the outfit and the 1950’s look. Vintage jewelry fits Kerr’s style well and she has been photographed modelling 50’s inspired outfits before. You can find vintage jewelry for a surprisingly good price at your local market or vintage boutiques, or you could even try an antiques market or auction where vintage jewelry sometimes crops up. Otherwise, you can search online stores such as Etsy and eBay or specialty vintage jewelry suppliers. Even ‘vintage inspired’ jewelry lines can work with the look as long as they look timeless and match a vintage outfit.

  1. Nameplate Jewelry

In 2012, Kerr accessorized her outfit with a gold nameplate necklace with her son Flynn’s name. This again matches her desire to personalize her looks and give symbolic meaning to her jewelry. Plenty of jewelry makers can create personalized nameplate jewelry for you for a good price. Don’t stop at just necklaces; bracelets, rings, and even brooches can be customized with a loved one’s name too or you could have one made for someone you care about for a holiday gift. It is a small and simple touch but one which gives an outfit both glamour and personality, plus you can feel like you are keeping your loved ones close at all times.

The hallmarks of Miranda Kerr’s looks are personal symbolism, simple color accents, and vintage looks repurposed for modern fashion. Her famous Swarovski line is affordable as a gift and even on a budget, her style is easy to emulate and can be combined with personal touches.

What “go-to piece” of jewelry makes you feel like a star?