Better, Not Bitter:
3 Social Media Don’ts for Coparents

Post-divorce most parents want to keep the peace. Then there are the folks that want to keep the fires burning. Not the home fires though. They been there, done that. No, these fires are between the exes.

When you add social media to the mix, things can go from 0 to 100 extremely fast. If you are dealing with a contentious ex, adhering to these suggestions can help to keep the peace.


3. Don't Use It To Vent

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A famous rapper has been in the news lately for all his ratchet comments about his ex"">social media  . Needless to say, if you’re mad about anything your ex has done or said, keep it off the internet. You never know what people will forward, share or screenshot. Don’t let a moment of anger possibly lead to more trouble in the future.

Social media has a place in our lives, but these types of communication need to stay away from these forums. Are there other situations that should stay off social media when you’re coparenting?