Better, Not Bitter:
3 Social Media Don’ts for Coparents

Post-divorce most parents want to keep the peace. Then there are the folks that want to keep the fires burning. Not the home fires though. They been there, done that. No, these fires are between the exes.

When you add social media to the mix, things can go from 0 to 100 extremely fast. If you are dealing with a contentious ex, adhering to these suggestions can help to keep the peace.


1. Don't Use Social Media to Flaunt Your Kids With You and Your New Mate

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Some people are cool with their exes having their kids around the new person, especially if it's serious. The truth is that if you’re divorced and the visitation is unsupervised, who your ex brings around the kids isn’t your call. Unless the children are in danger or it’s a unsavory environment, it’s time to suck it up and let it go. But when you happen to see the kids and their new bae on Facebook, your blood starts to boil.

Even if you're not their friend on Facebook, people who know both of you and are your friends can share your posts or screenshot them and share. You have no control. So keep the kids and your significant other pics off social media if your ex creates drama because of the posts.