Ask Rene:
Teens And Allowance – What Are The Rules?


Dear Rene:

I appreciate the advice you give others and now I come to you with a question of my own.  Is it right to have your 15-year-old granddaughter clean your condo for $10 an hour? My granddaughter’s other grandfather, who is a slob, is paying her $10 – or so she says – to organize and clean his place. 

When I mention this to some of my friends, they say, “Hey, take me with you” as though they think this is great. One of my closer friends and her husband think it’s demeaning and a terrible idea.  

Initially I didn’t see anything wrong here but now my eyes have been opened.  I love this granddaughter greatly. They live nearby and often spend time at my home, especially over the summer. I respect her and want her to be respected. So what do you think, Rene? Is it wrong to have your granddaughter clean up your home for $10.00 an hour?


Concerned Grandmother 


Dear Concerned Grandmother!

After reading your letter, I have a few questions of my own, so let’s run through these one at a time.


1. What's Demeaning About Earning An Honest Wage For A Day's Work?

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One of the issues I see with young people these days is they (some, not all) have a terrible sense of entitlement because they haven’t had to work for anything; it’s all been given to them. As a result, they have no clue about the value of a dollar; they simply haven’t been taught.

In a real and tangible way, your granddaughter is going to understand how many toilets she will have to scrub and bookshelves she’ll have to dust before she can afford to download the newest Lady Gaga album from iTunes.