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Ask Rene: Should I Take A Step Back In Pay And Position?

IMG_0680 Ask Rene:
Should I Take A Step Back In Pay And Position?


Dear Rene,

Like you, I’m a professional lady who was at the top of her work game, when I lost my job. I had been with my company for a little over ten years when I was downsized. With several promotions over the years and at least 20 years in my industry I was earning a very nice salary.

With my exit, they gave me a small severance package and the offer of help in getting a new job. I’ve been searching for a job for the past year and a half but with no luck. I’ve been on several interviews and my skills are a good fit for the positions – but still no offers.

Well, things are looking up. Last week I finally got an offer, but the job pays far less than what I was making at my last job and is a big step back career wise. A part of me wants to hold out for another offer that pays closer to what I’m used to earning. I thought that my years of experience would justify getting a higher salary, but it really hasn’t turned out that way.

Rene, my severance is almost gone and I’m nervous about not getting another offer right away. Do you think I should take the job even though the salary and rank are significantly less than what I used to make or should I hold out for a job that pays more money?

Janice, Seattle



Dear Janice:

Thanks so much for reaching out. I SO feel your pain. Man do I know what you are going through. I wish I could say it’s easy or that I had all the answers for you. Alas, I do not. But like so much of life, we just have to feel our way through the twists and turns, making adjustments and learning as we go along. The good thing is it’s never boring and the learning and growing never stop. The bad news is the learning and growing never stop! The way I see it, you have two choices; to continue on the way you are or to take the job.


1. Continue On The Way You Are

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This doesn’t really sound like much of an option given the fact that you are running out of money. Even me, with my limited math skills knows that a little money beats no money. You can turn down this job but then you’re stuck, papering the city with your resume in hopes that something comes up before you run out of cash. That’s a game of high stakes poker and you could very well lose. Then what will you do?

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