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Purge and Simplify Your Home


Feeling at peace begins with letting go. Let go of anything tangible and emotional that’s weighing you down. Letting go of tangible items that have cluttered our life, puts us in a better place as we gain more control through accomplishments. Besides, letting go is calming, it brings peace and is restorative.

The best way to begin this purge, is slowly. Go through your home and take a good look through every room. Think about what really should not be there and what you should do with it. Perhaps donate the items to someone who could really use it. Then think about what is truly trash. Begin one room at a time. Designate this to one room per week or per month, whatever is best for you and your schedule. Then, place a garbage bag or boxes in the middle of the room and categorize them into things to be donated and things to be thrown out.

Once this task is done, head out to your local dollar store and have a good look for any types of containers or various sizes, colors and shapes. These are what you’ll use to categorize, store and organize what looks out of place in each room. This way, everything will have a place, a home and won’t be in the way, making your room look cluttered and unorganized. Everything will have a designated spot, which you can add to, but in the respective bin or container.

You don’t have to hire expensive organizers to do this for you. Bins and containers, these days are well made, come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Organize your containers by themes, using the materials they are made from and color they are. When you do this, you’ll create an element of design and your room will look as if everything is placed there intentionally and with purpose.

Here are ten easy steps to the economical storing of your little treasures.

1. Creativity with Cake Stands and Plates

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Cake stands do more than just present cakes. If you head to the local dollar store, you can pick up a few cake stands and then once home, stack them in tiers. You can use them to store fruits, and veggies, or household items that are normally strewn about, such as jewellery, office supplies, make up or toiletry items.