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10 From GEM:
Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick


Here it is again. January. It’s New Year’s resolution time. We’re all in the same boat. We all tried last year, yet here we are again thinking about that dreaded list. Why does this happen? Year after year after year. Something is happening, preventing us from reaching our goal, with sticking to it and achieving success. The odds have been stacked against us, year after year. Of the many people who set out to reach their New Year’s resolutions very few are actually able to keep their resolutions.

What about the few who do reach success with their New Year’s resolutions? Those few who reached their goals. What did they do? They did something that worked for them. Something that facilitated their reaching their goals, something that was practical, and realistic. These people did just more than just making a list. They changed their mindset and by doing so, they eventually changed their behaviour, enabling them to experience success and reach their goal.

The key is, to select goals which are realistic for us in our daily lives. We need to select a few, practical goals and make them into small, manageable tasks, which we can reach. For each small task completed, the motivation increases and we then begin to gain momentum, and before we know it we’re at our desired goal. As well, we need to focus on how achieving our goals will make us feel. This needs to be done throughout the course of a resolution plan on a consistent basis. Evaluating our feelings upon each small completion is vital for assessing how things are progressing. Tweak what doesn’t work and build upon what does work and then stick to it.

As important to achieving success, is to form a support network of friends and family. Declaring our goals will help us to achieve them because now we’re accountable, we’ll have support and we’ll have assistance.

10 From GEM is here to help with these easy solutions to helping you stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

Happy new year!

10. Get Support

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Recruit support in the form of friends and family. You'll have greater success. With friends and family, when you go out together, you'll all be conscious of what to order in a restaurant, or you can all cook healthful recipes together. The support and encouragement from friends and family will go a long way to ensuring you reach your goal, and you won't feel so alone throughout the whole process.

The process of a New Year's resolution can seem daunting at best, but it doesn't have to be. With support from friends and family, you can reach your goal. Charting your progress and evaluating your feelings are effective tools for tweaking what may not work, and celebrating what does work. In the end, it's all about how you will feel when you reach your desired goal. Your behaviour towards a better mindset is the key factor to reaching your desired goal.