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10 From GEM: The Holidays Are Over, Get Back On Track


10 From GEM:
The Holidays Are Over, Get Back On Track


The holidays are over and looking back at all the parties, get-togethers, and festivities have us all feeling a little nostalgic. For many of us, the waistbands are slightly larger and clothes fitting just a bit tighter. Our scales might be reading higher numbers, as the indulgences of the season might have been a little too excessive. It’s rather difficult to control cravings and impulses in large gatherings, especially when we visit one gathering after another, and often within the same day.

Lavish meals made from rich foods and adornments, sweets glaring at us all from every buffet table, making decisions difficult. It’s easy to succumb and reach for those delectable sweets, or an extra serving of those creamy mashed potatoes, it’s Christmas after all and the diet can begin in the new year.

It’s a common activity, to eat from impulse throughout the holidays. We all get carried away, and few escape the temptations. The lack of structure and routine throughout the holidays carries us all away from our exercise regime, forgetting the gym bag in the trunks of our vehicles. Putting off the exercise and overeating are all too commonplace, it happens every year during the holidays, and we all somehow do find our way back when the new year and our daily routines return.

It is never too late to stop the excessive eating of rich foods and be more careful and selective with our food choices. We can all get back on track with food choices and physical activity once our routines return back to normal in the new year. We don’t go out as much during the week, which means our food choices become easier as we have more control over what to put in the grocery cart and how it’s prepared once back home from the market.

Getting back to a healthful eating and activity schedule isn’t that difficult. In fact, if you start with a couple of the strategies below and gradually add the rest slowly, you’ll find yourself back on track.

10 From GEM is here to help you with these ten strategies to get you back on track for the new year!


1. Drink Water

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The benefits of drinking water are great. Increase your water intake to as many as ten glasses per day. Water flushes out all toxins from your body, as it helps to reset your body chemistry. Drinking plenty of water will increase your energy levels and decrease your brain fog and lethargy as your dehydration decreases from the benefits of water.

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