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Live Love Blend: Shop on, Mom!

Live Love Blend:
Shop on, Mom!

Christmas is just a couple of weeks away, so I figure it’s a safe bet that you’ve been doing some shopping for the family. I have a question and I need you to be honest.  In the midst of buying gifts, how many little treats have you slipped into your basket for yourself? Perhaps a new blouse or two?  Surely I’m not the only one.


The other day I was shopping for a specific gift for our annual ladies gift exchange at work when I found the most fabulous shirt.  (pictured above as I practice the art of mirror selfies)  The store was having a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale, so it was a win-win! Am I just rationalizing here to avoid the guilt of buying something for myself during the season of giving? Perhaps.

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But here’s my true rationalization for pretty much all moms, especially “blendies”… we deserve it! Moms are the true elves of Christmas. We spend countless hours planning and buying gifts, outfitting our family in color coordinated couture for family photos, stamping and sending multitudes of Christmas cards, hiring babysitters for Christmas events, or at my house – shuffling cars so the teenagers can attend all of their events. We decorate and bake with Pinterest-inspired vigor.  We may not do it all, but we do a lot. So if we take advantage of a sale, or add an extra pair of pink headphones to the Amazon order, let us not feel guilty.


Christmas with a blended family is challenging enough with the mish-mash of family traditions, time-sharing the kids, figuring out what to give your in-laws. The last thing we need is to heap any guilt on ourselves. So I say guilt be gone!  Learn to love yourself mom, and treat yourself a little. You are a gift to your family.

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Now admit it, what you have bought for YOU this season?

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