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Contributor Life Lessons: Andi Kimbrough


Contributor Life Lessons:
Andi Kimbrough (Author of Live, Love, Blend)


*Are you happy at the moment?

This is a hard question. Honestly I would not describe this season of my life as a happy one. In fact, I call it the “season of lonliness”. As a working-blended-family-mom I’m afraid I’m often too busy to give friendships the attention they need. And likewise my girl-friends lives are packed just as full. We promise to reconnect once we’re empty nesters… only 5 ½ more years, not that I’m counting!

*If you could go back and say anything to your 16-year-old self now – what would it be?

I would definitely tell my teen-self to slow down! Stop trying to grow up so fast. And stop with all the drama. Life gets better. The teen-age years suck for a reason… to make you stronger.

*What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year?

This year I’ve learned to surround myself with positive, successful, happy people. You reflect the 5 people with whom you most closely associate. Choose those 5 people wisely.

*What do you most want to achieve in the next 12 months?

I have 2 big goals this year.
First, I want to replace the income from my day job with the residual income from my network marketing business IDLife by helping people improve their nutrition, their health and their finances. (
Second, I want to confidently walk onstage in my first NPC Bikini fitness competition.

*What’s your secret to happiness?

Happiness is something I struggle with when I focus too much on myself. My secret is to remember that my joy comes from the Lord, and to focus on helping others find their happiness.

*What one ritual or practice keeps you grounded?

The gym keeps me grounded. Getting up at 5am six days a week to lift weights is something I once would’ve called crazy. Now it’s the very thing that keeps me sane!

*What’s your biggest regret?

My biggest regret is letting fear hold me back. So many dreams I thought were out of my reach, only to realize that I was the only thing standing in my way.

*What’s the most important lesson you’ve taught your kid(s)?

Hopefully I’ve taught my kids to push through the fear to reach for their dreams. We all feel inadequate at times. We all have doubts. Do it anyway.

*What bad habit would you most like to change about yourself?

I’ve gotten into a habit of texting people rather than calling them. I’ve always had a weird phone-phobia, and the ability to text has given me a way to avoid actual conversations even more. But I miss out on so much. There’s a reason the phone company used the slogan “reach out and touch someone”. It’s just not the same via text.

*Aside from motherhood/fatherhood and marriage what are you most proud of in your life?

I am most proud of the progress I’ve made toward becoming a fitness competitor. I’ve learned that I have to power to make changes I once thought impossible through small daily consistent steps outside my comfort zone.

*When were you happiest?

I’ve always been happiest when working toward a goal, and then seeing that focus and hard work pay off.

*What ten words best describe you?

Motivated, determined, emotional, strong, contemplative, caring, grateful, stubborn, rebellious, forgiven


Andi Kimbrough is our resident “Blendie Mom,” blogging as Live Love Blend: mothering a blended family in mind, body & spirit, whether they like it or not. Kids include 4 boys ages 21, 17, 16 & 12, and one 10-year-old girl. She is also a full-time tv producer, IDLife founding member, and fitness competitor in training. Andi blogs at and shares health & nutrition at

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