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10 From GEM: Getting Ready for Holiday Guests

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10 From GEM:
Getting Ready for Holiday Guests


The opportunity to have guests in your home is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and create unique and special memories. It’s not easy hosting events and guests, but the whole deal with the trepidation of doing such a thing has to do with the element of how to plan, how to organize and how to best deal with holiday guests. With a little careful planning, a little careful organization and preparation, you can host guests with ease and have fun in the meantime.

It’s really all about thinking about what would make you comfortable and welcome if you were the guest in someone else’s home. What is it you like, for example, about hotel rooms? What do you look forward to when going to a hotel? Try to replicate those same elements in your guest bedroom or sleeping area. Above all, keep the area clean and simple. This ambiance make people feel comfortable, rather than trying to deal with clutter and unfamiliar objects.

Finally, try to personalize the guest bedroom. Ask your guests if they have any allergies or preferences with food or bedding. Someone might for example, be allergic to down pillows or synthetic fibers. Creating a comfortable and welcoming area for guests will make them feel as if you really care about them, and they’ll feel more welcome.

Ten easy and simple ideas for holiday guests from 10 From GEM, to get you started and let you enjoy your holiday memory making with your guests.


1. Create a Guest Toiletry Basket

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Create a guest toiletry basket with all essentials to make them feel at home. Buy the travel sized toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soaps, shampoos, body and hand lotions and add in tissues, pain relievers, stomach aids and little sewing kits. The basket can be placed on the guest bed along with other important items such as hand, face and body towels, a bathrobe and slippers. This will make your guests feel welcome in your home.

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