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10 From GEM: Beating the Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

10 From GEM:
Beating the Holiday Blues


The holiday season for many people is not a fun time. It evokes feelings of sadness, depression, loneliness and anxiety. They experience a lot of excessive drinking, overeating, and a lack of sleep. Many people associate the holidays with traditions which evoke memories of dearly departed loved ones or break ups. Some folks experience great anxiety at the prospect of being around family and friends with whom they don’t get along, thus having to share a meal and festivities, presents great stress.

The demands of the holiday season may be overwhelming to many people and they find the tasks arduous and challenging. Planning, prep work, parties, food and gift shopping fall on the shoulders of one person often, creating overload for that person. No matter how many lists they have, the tasks are many and difficult resulting in sadness, depression and a feeling of just going through the motions to get things done. One cannot experience any enjoyment this way.

There is a way out. Reduce stress and anxiety by removing unnecessary tasks from your list. Seek company through special events and activities. Why you can even attend special church services where you’ll be in the presence of people in a similar situation. You can create new traditions, which will steer your mind away from the feelings associated with those traditions and the reminders of things and people lost.

The biggest challenge is trying to find a way to break away from the traditions which we think we have to be a part of. We are in control over what we do, where we go and what we say. If being stuffed into a packed house with people that cause you stress and anxiety is just not your thing this year, then you don’t have to be there. You can do whatever you like, however you like. It’s all up to you. You decide what works best for you, your budget, your likes and preferences. No one else should dictate what you do. That’s up to you.

Here are ten easy solutions for you to beat the holiday blues.


1. Don't Be Alone

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Try to break away from being alone. Perhaps organize a small get together with friends who are also alone. Organize a quick trip away with a few friends, or plan fun activities in your city with friends who are also alone. Attend holiday services where you'll be in the company of people and festivities. Holiday concerts are everywhere, maybe consider attending one of those. Whatever you decide, move away from being physically alone and that will help dissipate your feelings of loneliness.




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