Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.29.48 AMThe GEM Debate:
License To Cheat? (VIDEO)



Whoa! Hot topic alert!

The actress Mo’Nique has gone IN and let everybody know she is alright with her husband Sidney Hicks being able to sleep with other people. Peep the video.

Now, everyone on my Facebook page is all, HELL NO.. but I ask you is it really that simple?




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People get married for all kinds of reasons.. they stay married for myriad others.

Does having an open marriage weaken the bonds of matrimony, especially if both people agree to it? And is it called cheating if both people agree?

For me personally, married 21 + years, I’m fairly certain that this would be Buff’s reaction if I asked for a “hall pass”.

What say you? Would you give your spouse a “hall pass” Why or why not?