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Tales From A Twin Mom: Things My Children Have Taught Me

Things Ive learned From My Chilcren

Tales From A Twin Mom:
Things my children have taught me


As a parent, I chat on a daily basis about parenting and discuss with others what and how I teach my children about the basic principles of life. However, the situation goes both ways. My children, all four of them, have each taught me valuable lessons at one point or another. These are the four most valuable lessons that I have learned from my children, and I feel like each one has made me better in some way for knowing it.


1. Honesty Isn't Always The Best Policy

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Children are known for being honest. I have always admired the innocence behind it. We later teach them to be subtle, or to not ask certain things in hopes that we are not judged by others. In preschool, one of my twins walked up to a preschool teacher, rubbed her belly and asked her when her babies were going to come out. The preschool teacher, mortified that she wasn't pregnant and just a tad overweight, took one look at Olivia and replied “No, sweetie. I have no babies in there.” Olivia did this for three days straight. On the third day I sat with Olivia and explained to her that this teacher was not pregnant. She was overweight. To my surprise, my sweet Olivia walks up to her teacher the following day and rubs her belly again. I was clearly upset that she was doing this after we had our little talk in the car. She then repeats the exact same phrase “Ms. X, when are your babies coming out?” The teacher who was annoyed at this point replies “Olivia, we've spoken about this. There are no babies in there.” Then it happened. Olivia turns towards me, gives me a smirk and replies “Yes, that's right. You have no babies. Mommy says you're just fat.” Lesson learned? Don't tell your kiddos what you don't want them to repeat.


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