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Our Story Begins: Feeling Thankful


Our Story Begins:
Feeling Thankful


While a couple days have passed since the holiday, it still feels, to me, that it is appropriate to talk about thankfulness to everyone. Thanksgiving is a flurry or running, cooking, eating, football, kids shouting, table setting and a number of other distractions.

Yet the thankfulness may have passed you by.

So let me just tell you how our little menagerie feels on this holiday.

The days of running around trying to match the expectations of holidays past are over. Not that we were haunted by some memorial specter, that’s certainly not true, but there is the thought that you don’t want to have the kids or family feeling like the holiday is so different. The table up there was from a few years ago, where I got the table set, used the good china, the silver, candlesticks, decorations, all of it. You know how much time we spent at that table? About 30 minutes, all said and done. It was lovely and fun and we enjoyed it . . . but even then I was trying to live up to holidays we all had put on a pedestal, ones my late wife had organized.

But bear in mind that the distance of time has put perspective on those holidays. The table and the home always looked gorgeous and too good to sit and eat at. Yet getting to that point was often filled with arguments, stress, shouts, cuts, bruises, and annoyance. So when you remember the fondness of the day – which you should – remember what it took to get there, too.

Still . . . we now have different decorations. We have plates that actually hold the food better than the china seems to do. Then there’s the fact that we’ve made so many new memories and traditions that the shadow of the past grows just a bit shorter.

I’m thankful. I’m thankful for what an amazing woman my oldest daughter has become. I’m thankful my two sons – growing like weeds and needing constant upgrades in clothes – are so happy and loving. I’m thankful for how close I am to my middle daughter, though in the past things were a little strained. I’m thankful I’ve done things for my kids. I’m thankful they’ve been accepting of my dating again.

I’m thankful my life has moved forward and I’m doing things for myself.

The world doesn’t end when someone passes away, you see, it’s actually their world that ends. It crumbles and shakes yours – shakes it a lot – when they go. They had roots dug far into your life and the lives of your family, so ripping that away tears at the fabric of life a little.

But when you sew the pieces back together, there’s a new pattern, a striking set of images and memories and events that may have been planned or took new form and new techniques to create. It’s the changes in life and the new people and things around you. I look at things in front of me and they are totally different from what I would have thought five years ago.

A lot of those differences, though, are really, really good.

I’m thankful because our lives – not just mine but all of the lives of those around me – are filled with opportunity. I’m excited about the possibilities that presents.

What were you thankful for this year?

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