Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.04.27 AMMonday Morning Motivation:
All Roads Lead You To
Where You Are Supposed To Be!


Hola all and Happy Monday!

I’m just back off the road from a rather exciting trip. I was part of the #FindNewRoads media drive event where we drove the 2016 Camaro from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Salt Lake City, Utah. We were part of a wave of 150 journalists traversing the country, touching all 48 contiguous states. It was a ton of driving (we covered 1638 miles in 2.5 days!) but so much fun! I’ll be posting about it in the coming weeks but you can peep some of my pictures on my Instagram.



2016 Camaro RS and SS at
Mt. Rushmore

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We headed out in teams of two but my drive partner, Kristin Barclay and I decided to pair up with another couple of guys, John Coyle and Joe Sage for the journey; after all two Camaros are better than one, right?

When you’re on the road that much, you talk about a lot of things.. and so at one point I was telling John the story of how I got here.  I was explaining my TV background and how I now work for myself. And while I know all of these things, sometimes it takes a little reminder to drive it all home (drive.. see what I did there?).



Me preparing to do stand up in Deadwood, SD

Being in front of the camera is no big deal; I’ve done that for decades. But then Joe caught this photo of me:


Me shooting in Deadwood, SD

 Though I’m not a trained photographer, I know the basics. Where did I learn them? As a cub reporter in my first TV job in Reno.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.04.36 AM

Preparing to edit videotape

I also know how to edit videotape. Again, I’m not the fanciest or best editor, but I know the basics. Where did I learn? Yep.. as a reporter in Reno and more in Birmingham.

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The point I’m trying to make here is that all of the experiences I went through over the last two decades of my career, have led me to the place I am supposed to be. Not one experience can I look back upon and say, “Wow that was a total waste of time” because none of them have been. They have either propelled me to the next level or shown me what NOT to do on the journey.

A lot of times when we’re deep in the throes of an experience, especially if it’s a difficult one, we think to ourselves, “I can’t wait until this is over. This is not helping me at all!” And that is the wrong attitude!

For today’s Monday Morning Motivation, I present this challenge: instead of rushing through the experience you are in, look at what you can learn from it. How is what you are doing now, going to help you in the future? And don’t get dismayed if it is not clear to you right away. Just know that you are learning from it.. even if you don’t yet know the entire lesson.

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So question for you.. what experience in your life and career can you look back on now and say it prepared you for what you currently do?

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Have a great day!