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Better, Not Bitter: Did You Want to Be a Crafty Mom, Too?

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Better, Not Bitter:
Did You Want to Be a Crafty Mom, Too?


I always wanted to be the crafty mom. The mom who had the house decorated for the upcoming holiday. But now that my youngest is in his final year of high school, it has become clear to me that I didn’t reach my goal.

This all came to the forefront of my mind because this week I got a little Pinterest Envy. I was at the home of a mom who has the crafty thing nailed. She was changing her house decorations from Halloween to a Thanksgiving motif. Shoot, I still haven’t accomplished transferring all the summer and winter clothes in our closets and this chick is decorating!

Halloween has come and gone and not only did I not get a Jack-o-lantern on the porch, I didn’t even get a pumpkin to sit on the step. I think I actually got Thanksgiving decorations up for a few years back when my son’s were in elementary school. Now, I do normally get Christmas decorations up, except for the year they spent with their dad’s side of the family.

I must say, we managed to get through all the crafty projects required in school. But the Fathead we bought to install on the youngest boy’s bedroom wall? Well, it’s still in the box in the closet in his room. That picture collage I got all the supplies to create a couple of years ago? Yes, it’s in progress. Still.

I work really hard at not having regrets. Following Maya Angelou’s well-known quote that when “I know better, I’ll do better.” But lately this thing was bugging me.

My youngest put everything into perspective for me a few days later while I was cooking breakfast. One of his friends spent the night at our home after the Friday night football game. They were playing video games in the family room while waiting for the friend’s mom to arrive to pick him up.

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As I grated fresh apples for pancakes, the friend mentioned how good my pancakes taste. He said it was nice that I cooked so much. Although I don’t remember the exact words, my son replied with pride about the fact that I can cook really good. And how he likes my food better than a lot of restaurants because I make things the way he likes them!

At that moment I realized that the crafty mom was my desire. It wasn’t important to the kids. We made it through the projects. Although I wished I could have achieved craftiness, along with having a neater home and the laundry under control, I did do one thing right.

This helped me drop the Pinterest Envy and glow with a little with happiness. So how about you? Do you ever get a little “mom jealousy,” like me?


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