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10 From GEM: Thanksgiving Dinner Finished, Now What?

Thanksgiving Feature

10 From GEM:
Thanksgiving Dinner Finished, Now What?


The big dinner is done, the festivities winding down and everyone is sitting around. Now what? Well, your family and guests are still with you, so why not make some fun plans for the rest of the weekend? Why not do something different for a change? Something that might become a new tradition, and be engaging with a positive outcome.

You can still make memories enjoying long-time traditions and/or make new ones. You can enlist the help of your friends, family and overnight guests to help you with your activities since they’re around anyway. There are many activities that are engaging and that will keep everyone entertained and happy right after Thanksgiving Day dinner. People are often more than willing to help, but are often too shy to come forward for fear they will be in the way.

Activities that include your entire guest list are available that can be fun, offering experiences that can engage all and bring more meaning to the day and weekend. You can incorporate activities to highlight the meaning of Thanksgiving and make it purposeful for you and all your guests. Activities can range from shopping, to playing board games, enlisting the help of guests for decorating your home for Christmas to going for a nature walk and even baking.

We’re sharing ten great ideas to get you started with what to do after Thanksgiving Day dinner is done. This way, you can extend your holiday festivities right through the weekend and keep the fun going.

Happy Thanksgiving!


1. Break Out the Board Games

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Ask your guests to bring over their favorite board games and take out your fun board games to play after Thanksgiving dinner. Don't forget to include the teens and younger children if you can. You can create some fun, new Thanksgiving Day memories from these experiences.

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