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10 From GEM: Thanksgiving Day Planning Tips

Happy-Thanksgiving Feature

10 From GEM:
Thanksgiving Day Planning Tips


November is already here and Thanksgiving Day right around the corner. Shopping, decorating, guest invitations, cleaning, cooking all falls on your shoulders! There is no need to panic or become flustered. The way to deal with this is by being organized and know when to do what.

Make lists and prioritize tasks, allowing ample and realistic time for completion. Decorating should be simple, cost-effective and fun, so perhaps begin with that. Then tackle your guest list, because from creating your guest list, you can begin to think about how you’re going to present your Thanksgiving Day dinner and what to serve.

Think about enlisting the help from invited family members and friends. Ask for help with side dishes. Assign roles to people once they arrive, so that you’re not inundated with questions about where to put this or that, or what should they do with this or with that. If everyone knows what they’re doing, then they won’t bug you.

Being organized and prepared well in advance will set the stage for you to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family. Follow 10 From GEM’s easy steps for a memorable and rewarding Thanksgiving Day dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!


1. Who is on Your Guest List?

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Once you've decided who to invite, you might consider asking if any guests have food allergies or meal concerns. As well, the type of group will determine the type of setting for your meal. A fun group would bring forth a more informal setting, such as a buffet for example, whereas a more serious group would foster a more formal setting. A group where everyone knows each other well would make having a buffet type setting easier, whereas a serious group would do best with a cocktail type or sit down setting.


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