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10 From GEM: Juggling Thanksgiving and Family Drama


10 From GEM:
Juggling Thanksgiving and Family Drama


Here in Canada, Thanksgiving has already passed, but for those of you in the U.S., it is coming right around the corner. For many, gratitude has been left on the back burner as family dynamics peak and drama ensues. Why can’t it be about seeing our loved ones and sharing a delicious meal, while the chestnuts are roasting, fireplace roaring and football playing all afternoon? Why do so many people become anxious about a few hours either preparing for the day or being a guest?

It’s about tensions, and frustrations and grudges that have been festering for quite some time which all lead to stress.

Who’s going to be there? Are they going to notice I’ve gained some weight? Is Aunt Clara going to drill me about being single? How am I going to explain my not getting that promotion? It’s all about how we feel other people in our family perceive us. It’s all about being with people who feel free to say what they want and pass judgement so easily. It’s all about feeling that awful anxiety about trying to morph ourselves to gain that acceptance, that approval and for what and who? Aunt Clara?

You have a choice, and we’ll show you how with these sensible tactics you can employ right away and empower yourself to be contented and peaceful no matter what the holiday or situation.


1. Get Organized

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Try to keep preparations and the menu simple, don't over do it. Especially when it's all on your shoulders. Make a list for yourself and try to work ahead of time and you don't have to make everything yourself. There is nothing wrong with asking for help with some side dishes or dessert and if that's not possible, the pumpkin and apple pies don't have to be baked by you, the corner market will suffice! Try to eliminate what's not necessary and keep things simple.


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