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10 From GEM:
Easy Thanksgiving Decorating


Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and among the one hundred and one other things to do in preparation for the holiday, decorating seems to get pushed back a little. Often time people resort to last minute decorating, and end up spending more money than they had anticipated.

Why create unneeded stress and anxiety when nature’s best is just outside your front door? Ideas are just waiting to be used. You can find inspiration from books, magazines, the internet and from nature itself.

Go for a relaxing walk through a park and while you’re enjoying the beautiful fall colors, you’ll find many little objects such as leaves, twigs, acorns, pinecones and berries which you can easily bring home and use in your decorating.

10 From GEM has easy to put together Thanksgiving decor ideas which you can incorporate in your home, creating a cozy and festive environment for your Thanksgiving Day dinner.


1. Harvest Mantels

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Decorate your mantel to reflect the spirit of Thanksgiving by using objects from your backyard or neighorhood. You can purchase small pumpkins and gourds, which are inexpensive and mix them in with leaves, twigs and berries right from your backyard. Add thick candles, or candles on holders, along with clear vessels filled with beads, seeds or berries for interest and variety. Simple pictures, with similar colored frames will add interest and variety to your mantel.