What Matters Most:
Saying “Yes” To Doing Less


I’m doing this Motherhood thing all wrong.

I must be…because I am a hot, miserable mess.

I don’t like the dailiness of it all. Meals, snacks, laundry, play-dates, sports, house cleaning…it seems to be more than I can handle and is sucking the life out of me!

I want to “choose joy” or “peace” or something other than “chaos” for our home life.

Sound familiar? As moms, we get overwhelmed with serving, giving, doing and going and it is not just for our children. Our husbands need us and if you have a job, besides being a mom, you are met with demands there as well.

Many years ago as a new mom, I used to try to find satisfaction out of meeting everyone’s needs but my own. It was this proverbial crown that I was trying to wear by being the kindest mom with the sweetest children, the tastiest meal and dessert at the church potluck, my house cleaned and on and on.

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Not once did I think that I should often take a breaks for myself. In the mom groups, bible studies and park days, it was never a topic of discussion. It was always about serving more and how to be more organized so that we could do more for our home, family, church and neighbors.

Establishing a daily habit of Bible reading…I know that habit will grow their relationship with Christ, transform their hearts and minds and help them learn who God is and what His principles are so they can lead their children to know and love God.

I get being diligent and not wasting time…but there has to be downtime where you refresh yourself or over time you will not have anything to give. Most importantly, I wanted to learn how to say “yes” to living more and… to doing less, better.

The beauty in all this is that we can make choice to slow down and make time for ourselves. I often try to make excuses that I don’t have time for me but they are just that…excuses.

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Even now as a mom with 10 kids in my home…we currently homeschool 6 of them, my 16 year old is in public school playing tackle football, I’m caring for in-laws, and then there is my own home business, my plate is pretty full and trust me, excuses are easy to come by but I have to make time to refresh my own soul before I can be of any good to those who need me most.

Key point here is to communicate with your husband that you need to be better at self care so that you can be better at being a wife, mom, employee…if he is on board it will make this ME TIME so much easier to happen on a regular basis.

Here are some ME TIME suggestions:

    • Take a bath each night before bed
    • Wake up 30 minutes before kids to sip on your coffee and plan your day
    • Go for a walk alone after your husband comes home from work
    • Schedule a monthly massage
    • Drive to a pretty location and read a book in peace. Don’t forget to silence your phone!
    • Go to the gym before your husband leaves for work
    • Make a pretty & comfy corner where you can relax, pray, read and go there daily before the kids are awake, at nap time or after the kids are in bed.
    • If you love crafty things sign up for classes to make something new.
    • Take up a new hobby like painting furniture and create something beautiful to keep or sell.

Did I miss any? Leave yours in the comments below!