Tales From A Twin Mom:
5 Days Of A Twin Mom’s Diary


Keeping things real I would like all that read this to know that I don’t know of a single mother of multiples who has time to keep a diary but if one did, I assure you these pages would be in it!


I think I need to invest in a coffee company. Clearly I spend enough money on coffee to support a family in some third world country. Can’t figure out if I’m shaky because of the twins or all of the caffeine I have consumed. Would another cup help?

Today, Twin A decided that she was going to make a gorgeous illustration on the wall. She didn’t need art supplies. Apparently poop makes for great paint. How the smell did not get to her is beyond me but what’s worse is that Twin B joined in. Having no art supplies of her own she decided she would borrow some of her sister’s. THIS THEY DON’T MIND SHARING?!

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Lord help me. When I saw the whole scene I had to take a deep breath as I contemplated throwing out everything in their room. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Is 10 am too early for wine?


I went out. I think this should clearly go in my diary as it’s not something I do often. Everything just worked out nicely. Twins were in a great mood, both had eaten and we did it. Easy peasy? Far from it. By the time I packed everything up and got in the car not only was I exhausted but I sat there for a whole 5 minutes wondering if I could go without going out today. Nonetheless, we did it. Took them to the mall as I needed clothes for myself. What did I buy? The cutest little dresses for them, new glittery shoes and lollipops because they were amazing. I didn’t buy a single thing for me as I would’ve had to try it on and the mere thought of going into the dressing room with the twins gave me cold sweats. Alas- tomorrow is another day!

I lost my coffee cup today. Found it in the microwave 5 hours later. Success.



Ah! Got my sister to babysit and went to get my nails done. Horrible part was that I didn’t enjoy it. I felt selfish. Tried to talk myself into believing that I’m entitled to a little me time but the voices in my head didn’t buy it. Oh well.

Came home to find sister looking a little frazzled but now she thinks I’m a Goddess. She can’t figure out how I do it! If she only knew that I have no idea how I do it either. Did I admit it!? Oh hell no! Everyone deserves to be admired at one point and I am going to bask in my glory.

So glad she didn’t see the load of laundry that’s been sitting in the washer for days. Hopefully I will find time to put it in the dryer soon…Not today- but soon.


Whoever said twins are born with their BFFs clearly never saw my twins interact on a daily basis. These two wrestle each other to the ground as if they were MMA fighters! Doesn’t matter that I’ve bought two of the exact. Same. Toy. They want the same one and are willing to injure themselves to get it. Really?? I hope they get along when they’re older- if they don’t, I think I’m going to move far, far away. Had a lady ask me today if they got along. My reply? “Oh they’re the best of friends!” Admitting the truth would only make me feel like a failure. Oh well.

On a positive note: I discovered dry shampoo. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was created by a mother of twins. Not one bit. 🙂


Today was one of those days. You know, the ones were you get nothing done yet you don’t care. I have stopped creating To Do lists as I think that the twins hold their own little morning meeting and discuss how they will make sure I don’t get to scratch a single thing off. Oh well, at least I managed to change into clean clothes today. Never imagined I could fool so many people by wearing yoga pants.

Did I work out? Did I just get up? You’ll never know!

Twins are alive and well and that’s all that matters. I’m going to try to give myself some slack today and not worry about the little stuff. I can do that tomorrow.

Have to go- Twins are just too quiet and I’ve learned that is never a good thing!