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Good Enough Mother And Michelin: #SharingSafety

IMG_4197Good Enough Mother And Michelin: #SharingSafety


(This is a sponsored post by She Buys Cars and Michelin. All opinions are my own) 

I remember what now seems like a thousand years ago, when I got my driver’s license. My mother stood in the driveway and cried. I stopped the car (making sure to put it in park and turn it off) and ran up to her.

“Mom! What’s wrong?”

“My baby is LEAVING!”

Huh? “Mom.. I’m going to the store.”

“It’s not that,” she explained. “It’s that you are growing up!”

Of course I was speaking of the here and now.. she was speaking metaphorically. But the fact is she was talking about what a driver’s license represents.

From the time our kids are small, we as parents are preparing ourselves for their ultimate journey.. the one that will take them out of the nest.

The last two summers, I understood very clearly, what my mother was trying to express.

Becoming a driver is a wonderful thing for kids because it represents the final frontier; freedom. But the flip side of freedom is responsibility and as parents, it’s the thing we hope we taught our kids well.


Safety on the roads falls right in that category. To that end, Michelin is raising awareness through a campaign called #SharingSafety.

Car crashes remain the No. 1 killer of teens, with 2,614 teen drivers of passenger vehicles involved in fatal crashes in 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Many accidents could be prevented if people had a better understanding of how to address potential vehicle maintenance issues and how to react in certain driving situations.

That’s why Michelin is launching a project to crowdsource the best advice for staying safe on the road. They are asking America to share tips based on what they’ve been taught and what they’ve learned over the years using the hash tag #SharingSafety. Because whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for decades, we all share the road.

The best piece of advice I got as a new driver and one I have shared with my own kids, is the concept of driving defensively. As I explained to Casey and Cole, we all share the road.. and a number of accidents could probably be greatly reduced if everyone just slowed down and thought about not just their moves, but what other drivers were doing as well.

The other thing I got from my mother (who, like me, did the driver’s ed in the house) was that I was not allowed to have anyone else in the car with me until I was 18, even though I got my license at 16. It was hard enough at 16 to manage what was happening on the road, much less chatter inside the car.

Now it’s your turn… What was the best piece of advice you got as a new driver or gave some someone just learning the roads? Follow Michelin here and tweet using the hashtag #SharingSafety. Oh and don’t forget to join our Twitter party where Michelin will be giving one lucky person a set of tires!


WHEN:  Thursday October 22, 9-10 pm ET (8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT)
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Follow the hashtag #SharingSafety.

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  1. phillip bomar

    October 22, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    You are a great mother and will have great kids. After viewing your life and history over this medium, I am proud to have met you during your “Meet and Greet” here in Dallas. For people like me, who appreciate having exposure to creditable people like you, means there is always hope for the good to shine in my direction every now and then. May good luck stay with you always.

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